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The following is an excerpt of an article on, written by Barbara Ramsay Orr.

Wild and Windblown: Nature’s Gardens

Barbara Ramsay Orr picks six of the best places to visit Mother Nature’s handiwork. | Barbara Ramsay Orr | Special to The Globe and Mail

Just as modern tastes are calling for wild blueberries, wild salmon and free-range chicken, the taste in gardens is leaning towards the wild as well, for many of the same reasons. First, there is only one force at work. These gardens are Mother Nature’s handiwork, and no one else has muddled with the design or the input. Everything is naturally occurring and self-sustaining and raised without the intervention of cultivation or chemicals. Most of these gardens are remote pockets of idyllic peace, virtually untouched by man and far removed from noise, pollution and traffic. Plants and trees are indigenous, many of them having survived and thrived for centuries. These gardens are a promise of continuity and regeneration.

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