Fishers’ Loft is located in Port Rexton, one of 12 picturesque outports dotted along the rugged coastline between New Bonaventure and English Harbour on Trinity Bay — the Trinity Bight.

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184 Main Street Victoria 8007

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Walks & Hikes

Explore The Area

Age-old paths and cart tracks lead from our door through boreal glades out onto dramatic promontories overlooking the ocean. Back around ponds, through meadows and among traces of forgotten fishing villages. Out along beaches . . . always the bracing scent of sea air

Join the Skerwink Coastal Trail, a 10-minute walk from our door. Skerwink has been named by Travel & Leisure Magazine as one of the top trails in Canada.

The long-abandoned railbed, now a country path, winds through our community and out along the coast, providing an ideal flat surface for walkers who prefer not to climb.

We can provide directions for one to two hour walks or hikes from our door and a guide, if you would like.

You may spot eagles, ospreys, whales, foxes and moose, and icebergs. Wildflowers and berries abound along these coastal paths. For the more ambitious, the Loft will organize hikes along forest trails to remote and long-abandoned outports.


Explore Nearby

There is an abundance of beautiful scenery, ancient geology and breathtaking coastline in our corner of the world.

Explore some of the treasures that can only be found on the east coast of Newfoundland.


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