Fishers’ Loft is located in Port Rexton, one of 12 picturesque outports dotted along the rugged coastline between New Bonaventure and English Harbour on Trinity Bay — the Trinity Bight.

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184 Main Street Victoria 8007

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Fishers' Loft

Keep The Lights On

Our friends Jon Sturge and Chris LeGrow at Cloudbreaker are experts in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for media/promotion, inspection/monitoring, and surveys/mapping. Last year they visited the Port Rexton area and captured some amazing footage. Please enjoy their finished product below and keep them in mind if you require a UAV in your business.



Video by Cloudbreaker

“2017 could be argued as a version of late 1960’s San Francisco for the Trinity Bight, and the hot bed for this summer of love was a brew pub in Port Rexton. The buzz felt new for many, but through interviewing a small handful of local residents, we learned this has been building for some time.
What once was a plan to unplug from our contract work and take some pseudo-vacation time to shoot scenics in the area, it quickly morphed into an editorial effort about the neo bay tourism phenomenon, and became our short film “Keep the Lights On”.
The people behind Fisher’s Loft, Port Rexton Brewing, and the English Harbour Arts Centre are not only passionate about the organizations they represent, they are pioneering an outport renaissance, and proving that even three hours from town, if you build it, they will come.”

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